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Exhilarating Travel Experience in CUBA

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July 3 - July 16, 2023


La Mora will guide you across the island of CUBA,

including a stop in Santiago de CUBA where the city

celebrates the "Fiesta del Fuego" (Festival del Caribe), one of the most famous International Caribbean Festivals in the world.


Touring multiple cities from the Oriente region to La Havana, you get to take in the colorful flavors of each region, which makes CUBA so very special.


Contact us now for further details at or

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Dance and Music:


Dos Aguas is a one-of-a-kind art and cultural experience led by master artist Danys "La Mora" Perez -- a former principal dancer of Ballet Folklorico Cutumba and a founder/artistic director of Oyu Oro. La Mora has more than 25 years of experience in Cuba's traditional dance. Come dance, sing and play music with the very best professional and amateur artists from each city, and see their amazing performances daily. Included are the classes/performances by prestigious national dance companies such as Ballet Folklorico Cutumba, Folklórico de Oriente, Danza del Caribe and AfroCuba de Matanzas.

Support for the Cuban People:

Dos Aguas is a unique program in which you can encounter the soul and spirit of the Cuban people by joining them as they move through their daily lives brimming with cultural activities. Support Cuban People while experiencing Cuba's traditional culture through storytelling, the arts, food and much more with experts and locals. The tour allows you to connect both with people from cities where contemporary cultures are developing rapidly, as well as with residents from the countryside where traditional cultures are being fiercely preserved.

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